Feb 10, 2021
Virtual Studio Solutions
New Tech Consortium
Virtual Studio Service & Solutions

Virtual Studio Service & Solutions

Virtual Studio Service & Solutions 
Does your video production need a boost? What if you could broadcast from a branded, custom studio environment without the price tag of a pro-studio set?

New Tech Consortium offers virtual solutions blend stunning graphics with limitless design possibilities. Using the top virtual engine on the market, we’ll build your photorealistic set at a fraction of the price.
Your Vision is the Blueprint. A video with a high production value instantly makes your brand appear trustworthy and credible. Watch your vision evolve into a custom virtual environment.
Real-Time Visual Data. Bring an exciting visual element to your information with real-time, augmented reality and 3D graphics, Present numerical data visually with 3D charts and graphs, Keep your audience engaged with live stats, Reveal prototypes and products using augmented reality.

Better and more cost-effective story tellingToday’s technology can produce a hyper-realistic virtual environment. To obtain best results a compelling 3D design with precision camera tracking and calibration are essential. A Ross end-to-end virtual solution provides the highest level of quality with an easy-to-use workflow and consistent results.

Tell better stories

Wow your viewers by overcoming the limitations of traditional studio environments. Get viewers to tune in longer by showing segments with captivating content like an augmented reality tornado. Create stories with multiple virtual monitors, floating augmented reality elements, and customizable virtual sets to enhance your weather, sports, news, elections, and talk / variety shows.

Do more for less

Virtual production allows for a higher level of ROI. Deploy virtual solutions in small spaces which require fewer physical set pieces and less storage. Utilize “blended” environments that combine the best of traditional physical design and virtual design to eliminate the need for video walls and on-set monitors.

Increase Flexibility

Quickly change a set, deploy a new look or share studio space with no downtime for construction, moving set pieces or competition for physical set space. Create flexible production teams that execute a variety of tasks contributing to a high-quality, lower-cost production.
Studio Capabilities

Studio Capabilities include Webcasts – live and pre-recorded, Virtual sets – Augmented and mixed reality presentations, Multi-camera video shoots of any kind, Live Streaming over Gigabit fiber, Remote participants in your live show.



Our Services include :
  •  Augmented Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Augmented Reality services in Kochi
  • Virtual Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Virtual Reality services in Kochi
  •  AR App Development
  •  AR app development company
  •  Augmented Reality (AR) Production
  •  Augmented Reality AR Agency / Studio
  •  Digital Agency working in VR / AR / MR


Our developer team can create a 3D experience for projects of any size. Cross-media projects, regardless of platform, aren’t a problem either.

  • Augmented Reality Apps / Touchscreen Apps for IOS, Android or web-based
  • Developing 3D Graphics and Dynamic Content
  • Realizing Interactive 3D Environments
  • Developing Dynamic 3D Configurations
  • Interface Design