Jan 30, 2020
Virtual Reality Services
New Tech Consortium
Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality For Business Platform

New Tech Consortium have powerful VR can be for training and product demonstrations. That is why we have created a platform that can be customized to meet our client’s needs. The platform is the most robust and comprehensive system available. We have designed it to be used on any of the VR HMDs on the market, including Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift, as well as the HTC Vive and Vive Pro.

Reduce Your Operational Costs – Organizations can cut expenses on employee travel and transporting equipment to training locations. Trainers themselves can also be part of the VR programming using our platform, so companies can reduce faculty costs.

Increase Employee Engagement and Retention – With the ability to build-in scoring mechanisms and gamified levels, immersive XR training can be more engaging and fun. When trainees are connected and interested, it leads to better retention.

Mirror Real-World Situations Safely – We can create real-life situations and do it safely. Immersive learning is effective at emphasizing things through visualization. By providing environments that mimic real-life situations, employees can reach greater levels of expertise in less time.
New Tech Consortium is a set of hardware and software technologies created by Chords creative. We license them to brands and agencies for use with premium location-based experiences and onsite activations for digital campaigns. Our platform is secure, reliable, and flexible – allowing our clients to configure a strategic solution that will support their objectives. It is built upon best in class technology providing comprehensive and speed to market solutions.



We can help to

  • Stimulate reader engagement with 3D models and multimedia learning resources.
  • Incorporate VR into existing mobile learning applications to redefine the learning experience.
  • Demonstrate products with maximum impact through 360 videos that give a sense of depth in every direction, so viewers feel like they are actually there.
  • Design lifelike VR walkthroughs of planned architecture projects to present to potential clientele
  • Build VR 360 degree visual experiences for healthcare that helps to alleviate patients’ illness like trauma, anxiety, pain,
  • Provide, simulation-based training of procedures to enable trainees in any field to have ‘hands on’ experience in a controlled and safe environment.
  • Use VR as a customer service interface by developing tools for prototyping and service development


  • Generating High-Quality
  • 3D ContentRealization of Virtual 3D Environments
  • Production of 360° Video Content
  • Google cardboard apps
  • Oculus VR apps
  • VR games development
  •  Facebook 360 Video Production
  •  Mixed Reality MR Agency / Studio
  •  Software Development Company VR AR MR
  •  Unity Development Company
  •  VR AR MR Film Studio
  •  VR AR MR Marketing Company
  •  VR App Development
  •  VR Post Production
  •  Virtual Reality (VR) Production
  •  Artificial Intelligence Agency
Our Services include :
  •  Augmented Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Augmented Reality services in Kochi
  • Virtual Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Virtual Reality services in Kochi
  •  AR App Development
  •  AR app development company
  •  Augmented Reality (AR) Production
  •  Augmented Reality AR Agency / Studio
  •  Digital Agency working in VR / AR / MR

Our Services include, XR Strategy Consulting, Concept and Creative, User Experience – UI/UX, Single Player and Multiplayer Expertise, C#, C++, Device Human Interface Guidelines, Cross-platform development, Unity and Unreal Engine, VR and AR control and navigation, VR and AR UI, 360º Stills / Video / Interactive, Physics, Bluetooth Communications, 2D Animation and Motion, 3D Graphics and Game Physics, Geolocation – Lat / Long + heading from magnetometer, Camera Integration (Scanning, Photos, Augmented Reality Overlays), Voice Recognition (Speech to Text), Gyroscope and Accelerometer, Augmented Reality – Camera, Location, Heading, Marker Recognition, 2D/3D Graphics, Networking – Web Services, Multiplayer, Security, Audio – Sound FX, Streaming, Music, Video – Local, Streaming, WebRTC, Asset Streaming and Downloadable Content, Push Notifications – Local and Remote, Social Integration – Facebook, Twitter, etc., Localization – Multi-languages, Database, notifications and cloud script, AWS – Amazon Web Services, Analytics.