Feb 10, 2021
Video Wall Setup Solutions
New Tech Consortium
Video Wall Setup Services & Solutions

Video Wall Setup Services & Solutions

New Tech Consortium supports Display walls to promote products and services on a wall of visually stunning screens. If you’re trying to create an impressive or large visual focal piece for your business or workspace, then our Video Wall Services are the answer. Fully customizable, a video wall is a set of displays mounted to a wall and is perfect for restaurants and bars to display sporting events or activities, for business offices to create a showcase of services and products to clients, and for the entertainment industry to show impressive eye-catching displays.

There are more to video walls than just displays. We bring together a range of best of breed Video Wall display technology, Video Wall processing capability, Video Wall Mounting Systems, Interactive Overlays and ‘snap grid’ content control.For touch walls, curved immersive theatres, command centres, lobbies and iconic statements we have the video wall technology experience to suit.
Video walls services allow you to display visually stunning art and photographs or rotating product and promotional materials.



Our Services include :
  •  Augmented Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Augmented Reality services in Kochi
  • Virtual Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Virtual Reality services in Kochi
  •  AR App Development
  •  AR app development company
  •  Augmented Reality (AR) Production
  •  Augmented Reality AR Agency / Studio
  •  Digital Agency working in VR / AR / MR


Our developer team can create a 3D experience for projects of any size. Cross-media projects, regardless of platform, aren’t a problem either.

  • Augmented Reality Apps / Touchscreen Apps for IOS, Android or web-based
  • Developing 3D Graphics and Dynamic Content
  • Realizing Interactive 3D Environments
  • Developing Dynamic 3D Configurations
  • Interface Design