August 20, 2020
Design / Studio Integration
NTC Global
augmented reality services in trivandrum

AR & VR services and solutions

3D visualizations in AR & VR (and mixed) reality are the right tool at the right time to help decision-makers understand and glean insights from huge data sets. Virtual data visualization solutions will unlock the power of big data in realms as disparate as community health & medicine, agriculture, board rooms, and governments meetings.

Being an established AR and VR services and solutions company in trivandrum, New Tech Consortium in Trivandrum high-quality solutions that are able to expand the reality for customers of our clients operating across multiple domains.


Our Services include :
  •  Augmented Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Augmented Reality services in Kochi
  • Virtual Reality services in Trivandrum
  • Virtual Reality services in Kochi
  •  AR App Development
  •  AR app development company
  •  Augmented Reality (AR) Production
  •  Augmented Reality AR Agency / Studio
  •  Digital Agency working in VR / AR / MR
  •  Facebook 360 Video Production
  •  Mixed Reality MR Agency / Studio
  •  Software Development Company VR AR MR
  •  Unity Development Company
  •  VR AR MR Film Studio
  •  VR AR MR Marketing Company
  •  VR App Development
  •  VR Post Production
  •  Virtual Reality (VR) Production
  •  Artificial Intelligence Agency